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Roseware Industries

Roseware Industries manufactures fibre reinforced products (FRP) in Warkworth New Zealand. Roseware provides a full range of composites services including the design and production of plugs and moulds and advanced used of composite materials and manufacturing methods to produce high quality manufactured parts.

Fibreglass Showers
Roseware produce a wide range of high quality FRP showers and baths for the retail market.
Bicycle Locker
ABSCo Bicycle Lockers are top of the line reinforced composite constructed units built to last.
Wave Chair
Comfortable retro designed wave chair loungers.
FRP Fishponds
A new innovative development from Roseware. Place 'n' Plant Fishponds.
Industrial Composites
Roseware has over 18 years experience producing industrial components in FRP for industry.
Contract Manufacturing
The team can help with the design and manufacture of plugs moulds and parts for clients.
Boat Building
Roseware has experience with the design and construction of a wide range of marine craft using advanced composite construction methods.